Welcome!! My name is Karen Kirkpatrick and I am an online and in-person ACE-certified personal trainer based in Harrisburg, PA. I have developed a passion for healthy living and helping others get started on the path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Karen K

I haven’t always been a fitness enthusiast and was generally not athletic as a child.  I was introduced to working out when I was in college and casually exercised from the time I was in college up through the birth of my children.  It wasn't until after I had my daughters, in 2006, that I got serious about working out and my health.  It started as a desire to lose the “baby weight” and eventually turned into a love of exercising.

My exercise routine was mostly cardio at first and then my husband introduced me to strength training and I began to see great results with my weight loss.  Two years ago I discovered my love of running and have completed several 5K and 10K events and even conquered some half marathons.

I decided to pursue my personal training certification when I realized that my friends and family continually turned to me for advice regarding their workouts and training. I love being a resource for my friends and family and I wanted to obtain some formal training so that I could provide accurate advice to them.  I am excited to have a career where I can educate and inspire others the way I have with my friends and family.

I believe that fitness should be a fun and enjoyable aspect of everyday living that allows you to live all other aspects of life to the fullest!  I enjoy being active with my husband and two kids and believe that fitness should be a family affair!

I look forward to working with you! Please fill out the form below to set up a free 15-minute consultation.